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I am a man. A man desperately trying to deny...

Seeking a New Family Doctor? “Speed-Date” to Find the Right One

Should you get to interview a new family doctor before you put on that gown? Yes! You’ve gone to the trouble of getting referrals from your friends or other doctors,… read more


You Can Save Money Too!

My Dad always taught me that I should be saving 25 percent of every paycheck, but it still seems like my money only vacations briefly in my bank account before… read more


Umami: The Mysterious Fifth Taste

There’s four kinds of tastes right? Sweet, salty, bitter and sour. You learned that in elementary school health class. Well, many scientists and foodies are starting to recognize a fifth… read more

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    The old saying that variety is the spice of life has been found to be more than just a wise adage – it’s a map for healthy eating and avoiding… read more