Extreme ways kids in other countries get to school. Wow.


LiveSmarter’s List of the World’s Most Extreme School Commutes: 2016 Edition


Education is a luxury often taken for granted in the West. Indeed, 1st world children often lament that they have to attend school, but it’s interesting to consider what happens when the convenience of a school bus is suddenly absent. Here at LiveSmarter, we feel education is central to each and every one of our lives, and we’ve put together a list of the most extreme lengths people go to get to school around the world.

A study conducted by UNESCO indicates that progress has slowed with respect to connecting children with schools. Dangerous commutes are one of the top reasons people choose not to attend school, so we want to take a moment to recognize those who traverse these paths in the face of mortal danger.

It’s truly awe-inspiring to see these individuals overcome poverty and natural disaster to make their way to class. Read on to discover the world’s most dangerous school commute!